Top 7 Tested Viddyoze Alternatives In [currentyear]

When you subscribe to my mailing, then you will receive the Do not buy list on the thank you page. This is the list of software that I don’t recommend anyone to buy.

Viddyoze is one of them. There are several reasons why viddyoze is part of that list.

  1. Sometimes It enormous amount of time to render the logo
  2. Its Best Templates are available in their monthly subscription
  3. Not A lot of customization: Can’t Change font family, Can’t change Music, etc

Probably that’s the reason why you are looking for Viddyoze Alternative. Here are some more reviews that will motivate you not to buy the viddyoze.

Viddyoze review

These are just a few comments that I can insert into this image. That’s why I have decided the create alternative options that you can try for logo animation of anything else for which purpose you use viddyoze.

Here are the Better alternatives.

1. RenderForest

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Without a doubt, Renderforest is the best alternative to viddyoze. In fact, it used by some big corporates such as Vodafone, BBC, Sony Music, etc.

Unlike Viddyoze it just isn’t a logo intro solution. It does the multiple things such as

  1. Website Builder
  2. Online Video Editor
  3. Doodle Videos
  4. Explainer Videos
  5. Audio Visualizations
  6. Kinetic Typography

Here are the few samples of logo intro.

Its library is also much bigger than viddyoze. You will not miss the viddyoze if you decided to go with the renderforest. Just look at how many categories of logo intro.

Viddyoze alternative renderforest

The Best part of Renderforest offers a free plan. Although the free plan is just for testing because you are not getting full quality videos & videos will be watermarked.

By the way, you can also change font family & music that viddyoze doesn’t allow you.

Renderforest has two kinds of plans. Monthly/Annually & Pay As Go. In the pay as go, you will pay for a specific video instead of buying a monthly subscription.

Here are the monthly plans.

300 MB Storage10 GB Storage20 GB Storage40 GB80 GB
Unlimited 360p video exports7 Export Per month (720P)18 HD720 or 6 HD1080 videos per month60 HD720 or 30 HD1080 videos per monthUnlimited 1080P Videos
Up to 1 -minute videosMax 5 Minute Video15 Minutes Video Length30 Minute Videos Length60 Minute Videos Length
Access to 200k+ Stock videosAccess to 200k+ Stock videos500K+ Stock Videos500K+ Stock Videos500K+ Stock Videos
Watermark on Everything50 + Commercial Music track100+ commercial music tracks200+ commercial music tracks200+ commercial music tracks
Reseller license
Free for Ever$6.99$9.99$19.99$49.99

Pay As you Go plan

pay as go plan renderforest

If you haven’t noticed, these are charges for rendering single 1. You can explore the whole platform, but once you choose the desired quality video & when you want to make payment only, your money will be deducted.


Get CreateStudio

CreateStudio is kind of mini version of Adobe After effects. It also does the multiple jobs

  1. Cartoon Animation Videos
  2. Logo Intro
  3. Promotional Videos

Now some of you are probably thinking, hey, renderforest also does the same things. So which is better between createstudio & renderforest?

Well, when you want pre-made templates, go with renderforest, but if you want to customize or create your own animation from scratch, createStudio is a Better Choice.

Another benefit of createStudio is an affordable price. $47 for personal use & $67 for commercial license with ability to installation on two computers (It is the desktop software for mac & windows)

Here are few logo intro templates from the createStudio.

I think createStudio is a good choice when you want a lot of customization in your animation that other tools don’t allow. Except for logo animation, it creates explainer videos, 3D characters videos, app promotion, Doodle videos, etc.

If you are regular reader of globalbestoffer then you know that I’m big fan of createstudio.

There are few upsells similar to the Viddyoze.

Front End $67

  1. Unlimited Video Exports
  2. 20 Animated Characters
  3. 40 Done-for-you templates
  4. 100+ Animated emojis
  5. Motion graphics
  6. Transitions
  7. Vector shape library
  8. Pexels API

1. All Access Pass $37/month

  1. 150+ Done For Templates
  2. 40+ Extra Characters (8 3D characters and 35 2D characters)
  3. 50 Animated Video Backgrounds
  4. Special Video Effects
  5. 1000+ Animated video assets
  6. You can sell videos to clients with no royalties!
  7. New Assets and Character Every Month (At least 10 characters)
  8. 30 New Templates Every Month

2. Media Upgrade $97

  1. Pixabay API
  2. Royalty-Free Music & SoundFX
  3. Pexels Video Library (Front End Plan has only photos API)

3. Agency License For Multiple license. Ability to create 6 extra accounts at cost $197

If you didn’t purchase an All-access pass then you buy Its specific assets such as characters, backgrounds, templates, etc at a time fixed price.


Go to Fiverr

Fiverr doesn’t offer you any tool for making animation videos. But it offers freelancers to make animation videos.

If you are a business owner or YouTuber just one perfect logo intro then why not get a freelancer to make a custom one for you.

The price directly depends upon what kind of animation you are looking for. Here are some of the freelancer’s price screenshots for getting any idea?

Fiverr Prices

You can even post a custom request when If you are unable the perfect freelancer for your job.

My recommendation is don’t hire newbies, most of the time their results suck. Hired some professional one with good rating.


This is another web based site for making animated logo. Similar to the Viddyoze it come with pre-made templates that can be somewhat customized.

But it does not offer only animated logo service. The animation logo is just one of the feature. You can create log, mockup such as uploading design on the t-shirt, mug etc.

For people working in print on demand industry, it has pre-made design as well. With its subscription you are allowed to commercialise these designs.

Not only this, it has video maker tools as well that has pre-made templates for promo videos, instagram story, youtube, t-shirt, slideshow etc.

It has special category for the gamers, where you can youtube thumbnail templates, Twitch Panles , OBS Streaming overplay, especailly animated logo designed for gamers etc.

The downside of the placeit is its logo are mainly based upon gaming.

Price: This is Another affordable option. It has a monthly & annual subscription. You can also get a free plan to test its features.

Monthly Price: $14.45

Annual Price: $62.78


InVideo is quite famous in the video industry. Unlike other alternatives logo intro is just small features of invideo.

It is kind of online video editor with pre-made templates. One of that kind of template is intro maker.

Here is the screenshot of the intro maker because embedding videos isn’t possible. Except for the logo, it can do an automated voice-over, article to a video where its AI will automatically select the videos.

Its library is also big enough. You can find all kind of stock media, callouts, text templates etc.

InVideo is based upon monthly & annual subscription. But there is a sale going on appsumo where you can get this at a time subscription of $49 only.

logo intro

Unlike other competitors inVideo offers you live chat support.


Panzoid is a free web-based tool that is dedicated to making logo intro videos. There are no upgrades, Completely free solution for making logo intro. In fact, creating an account is also an optional thing, not mandatory.

The only problem is because it is an advance tool for learning panzoid that can take time. Some logo looks outdated. Anyway, here are the samples for panzoid so you will get an idea what kind of logo you can create


Offeo is another web-based solution that helps you to make animated videos. It is a kind of alternative to place it.

Similar to place it, it can create intro, outro, online video editor. It can also create Music visualizer, twitch banner maker etc.

I think it is bit expensive as well. Here are the few logo animation.

Yes, it is Viddyoze alternative but I see no reason to recommend this product. Anyway, I thought I should mention in the article, after all, it is an alternative

It offers Monthly & yearly plan. The good news is that it has free plan with limited features & watermark over videos.

On the paid plan, you will 14 days money-back guarantee. Monthly plans starts at $14 and an annual subscription will cost you $149 ($12.42).

You can render unlimited videos, It has limit of making only 3 minute video.

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Final Words

I try to provide you all kind of alternative options. Free and paid with pros & cons. If you are not still satisfied with this article then let me how can I make this article better for you.

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