Filmora vs iMovie: Which is Better Video Editor in [currentyear]?

Before writing even a single word about filmora vs iMovie. I want you to tell you that Wondershare created two video editors. Filmora9 and filmora pro.

FIlmora9 is more like an alternative to imovie and Pro is an alternative to final cut pro.

I will compare filmora9 with movie in the terms of

  • Features
  • Easiness
  • Speed
  • Support

Let’s Get Started

Introduction the Two competitors

In the blue corner, we have filmora9. It is developed by wondershare.

Wondershare initially created a filmora video editor. But as the company grew over the years. They shut down filmora and created two software.

  1. Filmora9: For Creators
  2. FilmoraPro: For intermediate users.
filmora9 overview

Not only this they create several other products as well. Filmora9 is created for YouTubers. But it doesn’t mean that non-YouTubers can’t use it. Basically it is easy to use editor.

In the red corner, we have imovie from Apple. Initially, it was paid. Its cost was $12. But today it’s free and pre-installed on almost all Apple devices.

Which Tool is Best For Video Editing?

First I want to see which tools has more video editing features. Following features are Common in the both products.

  1. Split and Trim
  2. Speed Control
  3. Cropping
  4. Stabilization
  5. Background Noise Remove

So what’s the difference?

Titles Adding: Both video editors have pre-made tiles, that can be customized easily.

But filmora9 has more pre-made styles. It can also allows to control a lot of things. For example

  • Color Gradient
  • Border, Outline
  • Text-shadow
  • Animation
  • Line height, Spacing, Rotating opacity
  • Many More
filmora9 text control

While iMovie is providing only basic controls. Font family, size, color, and alignment.

Winner: Filmora9 without a Doubt.

Split Screen: In a recent update, filmora9 introduced a split-screen section. It has pre-made templates to show multiple clips at the same time.

By clicking on the preview window the user can adjust video size and position accordingly. But having a separate Split screen is an edge.

Check following screenshot.

filmora9 templates

On the other side imovie also provide you certain controls. You can use picture in picture mode, split by left, right, top, or bottom. The default is cutaway. It will overtake the full screen.

Once Again filmora9 is the winner Here.

Transitions: Both editors contain a certain number of transitions. Again filmora9 perform better than imovie

Because of more number of transitions. Wondershare will have 214 pre-made transitions. Imovie has just 24. This is a very big difference.

Apart from it, filmora9 also allows controlling position. End of the previous video, in between or starting of new video.

While in imovie it will be between two videos. Both editors allows you to control duration.

filmora vs iMovie transition
I try to highlight the cursor bar. imovie has no bar (Left side)

Color Controls: I’m not taking the side of Filmora9. It is just better. Same result with color tuning. Filmora9 users have plenty of controls. Check the following screenshot.

filmora color control
Every property can be expanded and has certain controls. Similar to color Enhancement

iMovie has certain control which is good but these are very basic it will not help you to make big changes.

ChromeKey: imovie also has green screen property. But in filmora9 it is easy to use and more customization features as well. But unlike other property filmora is better not a clear winner.

Effects vs Filters: imovie has pre-color templates known as filters. But filmora effects are better, not only colors users will also effects for camera shake, memory, some effects are best for instagram and tiktokers.

Check the following screenshot. Filmora has 285 effects. Which is way larger than iMovie.

If you worry about quality then again filmora9 is again the winner. It has great control over customization. For sure, filmora pro has a lot of advanced customization but comparing to imovie difference was noticeable.

Screen Recording: Imovie does not have any screen recording feature. But in mac, you can record your screen by pressing command+ shift+ 5. Recording both screens and cameras can tricky using a quick time.

Filmora9 allows users to record screen and web camera. Users can record both simultaneously as well. Wondershare provided certain mouse effects as well.

Again filmora is Better than the default option. But buying just for screen recording is not a good option. In fact, there is some software for example ScreenFlow. Which is a better option in my opinion

Winner Filmora9

There is a lot of other properties in video editing. But comparing them is a waste of time. Filmora9 is a clear winner in the features.

I didn’t find any single thing where iMovie overtake the wondershare filmora.

If you are looking for ann up-gradation then filmora9 is the best option in the market.

Side Note: I have also writen in-depth review about filmora9. Pros and Cons, it's alternatives, etc. You can read filmora9 review here 

Filmora vs iMovie: Which Is Easy to use?

You may think Ok filmora is better But I’m more comfortable with imovie. it’s easy to use and straight forward.

Well, it’s not the case. Here is the screenshot of imovie. No Controls over the timeline. To apply cut you have to use keyword shortcut or mouse right-click.

iMovie timeline

Same thing is true for undo and redo button.

Now view the screenshot of filmora9. Few controls over the timeline. user can apply cut from the progress bar as well.

filmora timeline

Undo and Redo buttons. These all features can control by keyword shortcuts as well. Managing multiple clips is also easy.

Scaling another big benefit. Both editors have a scale at the upper right corner of the timeline. But in filmora, the user can stretch or shrink from any point.

filmora9 stretch

Another benefit is you can use 100 layers of screen. While in imovie you max have 4. One for main clip, second for music, third one for text and last is for the adding another clip of video.

Filmora9 will definitely save time, If you don’t believe me then download the free version of filmora9 and test yourself.

Which Software is Faster?

The short answer is imovie. The long answer is no-one. Mac users generally have 8 GB of Ram or higher ram.

Here is the system requirement from wondershare.

OSOS X 10.11 or higher
ProcessorIntel i5 or better multicore processor, 2GHz or above
(Intel 6th Gen or newer CPU recommended for HD and 4K Videos).
RAM8 GB RAM (16GB required for HD and 4K videos).
Space10 GB Free-space

iMovie definitely launches faster than filmora. But while editing I didn’t notice a significant difference. I have tested both on MacBook air. It had 8 GB of Ram along with i5 Processor.

If you have low memory 2 GB then stick with imovie. It will run smoother than any other third party editor.

Long story short don’t worry about speed, It will not issue. Filmora9 has a Render preview feature.

Basically it creates a cache for everything available in the timeline. Wondershare also use proxies for low resolution preview.

It just effect the preview But the final video.


As I mentioned above that Imovie is free and will be at least in near future.

on the other side, Filmora9 has 3 plans.

Annual Plan


  • All Features
  • Free Updates
  • Support
  • No Watermark
  • Automatically renew, cancel any time
  • Unlimited Downloads from the Filmstocks Standard Library
  • New effects every month

Lifetime Plan


  • All Features
  • Free Updates
  • Support
  • No Watermark
  • Lifetime Updates and Free Support
  • Unlimited Downloads from the Filmstocks Standard Library
  • New effects every month

Annual Bundle Plan


  • All Features
  • Free Updates
  • Support
  • No Watermark
  • Lifetime Updates and Free Support
  • Unlimited Downloads from the Filmstocks Standard Library
  • New effects every month

It has a free-plan as well with all features. The only catch is the watermark at the center of the video after exporting.

Believe me, this watermark can ruin anyone’s experience. It’s mainly to test features before purchasing a full subscription.

Another thing that you have noticed is the Annual Bundle plan which costs more than a lifetime plan.


Because it includes flimstocks standard membership.

Flimstock (Wondershare) is an additional upgrade where you can get extra transitions, titles templates, elements, Audio tracks, effects, and split-screen templates.

Most peoples don’t need it. Filmora9 build-in library is good enough especially if you are from imovie.

Which Company Provide Better Support?

Pricing is directly related to support. If a company is charging something from the user then definitely provide better support.

But, let me ask you question?

Did you ever need support while editing on imovie?

Chances are high you will say no, Sometimes you need a specific tutorial that you can find easily with help of youtube and google.

Filmora9 is definitely better in support. But I think it’s doesn’t matter.

Both editors tutorial available youtube.

If you need support then filmora is better.

I have seen some channels dedicated to filmora9 tutorials only as well as imovie.

is There Any Alternative to Filmora

I have tried all alternatives that have similar features as filmora9. But filmora never disappointed me.

I have compared it with the movavi video suite and written in-depth comparison here.

I have also compared it with Techsmith Camtasia. Camtasia has just a keyframe property which is used to move objects, otherwise, filmora9 is better. You can read comparison here.

But there are some free alternatives that better than iMovie but not than filmora9. If you are out of budget then go with them.

I will recommended only two alternatives.

Side note: I'm not being biased towards filmora9. It's really better alternative. All the links on this page are affiliate links. If you think I'm being biased then don't use my link, No worries. But if you want to support this website then use my affiliate link

iMovie vs Filmora: Which You Should Choose in 2020?

The short is filmora and long answer is it depends.

If you need a video editor for your personal videos, or you just need trim, split, simple title adding features then imovie is best for you. Because it’s free.

But if you editing for youtube or you want professional-level editor then filmora9 is better option. Because

  1. It can save time
  2. Can Make Video professional

But I believe that video editing is a skill. Just having a better tool is like magic bound that you don’t know how to use. So make sure you spend, at least a week learning filmora.

Some of you are still confused, don’t worry I have an answer for you as well.

Download the filmora free version. Edit one or two videos with it. You will definitely reach to a decision.

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